Monday, June 21, 2010

Anyone for Tennis?

I am doing too much at once...I am sure you have all done the same from time to time...? These are some batts I have created as a gift for a very generous customer of mine, I hope she enjoys spinning them. They are full of deliciousness, all hand dyed by me.
This pretty handspun was a reject from a spin a cardi pack, the pink was a bit, erm shocking! I overdyed the spun yarn with a weak night blue solution and it has worked really well. I now love this yarn and look forward to knitting it up. 340m 300g Blue Faced Leicester, Baby Alpaca and Silk, heavy aran singles
I am also in a sewing mood, and have almost cut out this pretty pattern. I love sewing, and I love vintage patterns which seem to go together so well. Beautiful tailoring and a gorgeous drape and cut of the fabric. This pattern has bound buttonholes, I am not sure I will be brave enough to do those as my machine does lovely buttonholes. I wonder if that is why the pattern uses bound buttonholes, I don't expect sewing machines did an auto buttonhole when that pattern was produced.
I just love these socks, from the Knitlove Club, beads on socks are such fun, I have started the second one and I will finish it as I just adore the pattern so much. I did a lovely stretchy Guernsey Cast on, which gives a very pretty picot edge.
and also on the needles is this mindless stocking stitch, I just had to show the stitch markers, I bought them from Fripperies and Bibelots, she has some gorgeous stitch markers for sale in her shop :) I just had to buy these tennis balls as I just love Wimbledon fortnight!!

So now, after being entertained by Federa on Centre Court this afternoon (by entertained read scared he was going to lose so i went cleaned my oven), I am now trying to get this place straight so I can enjoy the next fortnight of play. I have to say that I enjoy the men's tennis the most...

Time to go and get myself something to eat I think, oh and that's another story, I am on a low fat diet, losing weight slowly, a pound a week which is good as it soon mounts up. Unfortunately, my gall bladder decided to play up big time and I ended up in casualty a couple of weeks ago. I had a scan last week and I have multiple small stones which are just the right size to get stick in the tube, ouch, I mean OUCH!! So, no fat at all for me, well none that I can see! I am in constant pain from it and don't sleep too well but I am seeing a surgeon on the 28th and hopefully will have an operation to remove the offending article soon after. By keyhole surgery I hope.

Now about those elderflowers that I aught to go and pick...


kerrie said...

oooh, look after yourself. x

skeinqueen said...

sorry to hear you're in so much pain - hope they sort it out soon. Beautiful creations, as always xxx

Rani said...

Scrumptious yarn and fiber. That "overly pink" blue yarn turned out to be quite beautiful.

Good luck with the, achem, offending item in your system!!! Take it easy.

Linda said...

Poor you and the gall bladder thing. Stck to the low fat diet, its not as hard in the summer with fruit and salads is it.
Gorgeous dyeing and spinning, I have tried dyeing fibre this weekend!

hakucho said...

So sorry about your gallstones! More than one too...that must be very painful...hopefully by now you are feeling better.

Love your socks....I'm starting to get a hankering to knit some socks. They are good projects for the summer....not too much in your lap to keep you hot!

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