Sunday, November 07, 2010

Remember me?

Long time no hear eh?
I am at that stage of show preparation again, not one spare minute for me. If you want me I’m probably in the conservatory sewing, or else I’m in the living room labelling my fluff. Actually, I like that job, I can relax as I do it and it means that I have done the dyeing but a little voice keeps saying, maybe go and dye up a little more???

Yesterday I took a day off and went to my spinning guild at Rampton. I almost managed to spin up the last of 300g of some Oatmeal BFL and Silk ready to N-Ply it into some chunky yarn. It was lovely catching up with friends, I’m so glad I made myself go as I do get bogged down with my own company at times

The day after Knit Expo, my special friend Andrea is coming to stay for a few days. The highlight of her visit is going to see Nigella in Ely, we’re both so excited about that. which reminds me, I need to go and collect the tickets! Perhaps I’ll combine the collection with a visit to my knit group on Wednesday morning in the Ely Wool Shop.

I think Autumn has got to me, I am trying to ignore how it makes me feel but it is a strong force and makes me feel like I want to run and hide from the world. It’ll soon pass, I’ll just keep busy as usual and hope that is finally gives up and leaves me in peace with myself again. Here’s some photos of what has kept me busy lately….

and last weekend I had fun photographing this little fairy and her big brother, what a couple of cuties!

Today is sunny, my mood is weird Sad smile

When Barry gets back from band practice we are off out for a carvery at a local pub, I’d better go and make myself presentable…have a happy Sunday

Marianne x


Yarn Devil said...

Your yarn is Beautiful! Your photos of the Fairy are fabulous! Hope the fall funk passes quick for you!!!
Have a great day, thanks for sharing!!

Rani said...

Oh, Marianne - curl up with a cup of tea and a Rosamunde Pilcher book. You may also want to check your iron (not that it's any of my business). The 'funk' always passes. Hang in there. Surround yourself with things that bring you peace and get rid of those things that are nagging you.

Darling photos!!

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