Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Millie's Socks Have Arrived

I am trying something new....I wonder if it will work? I am sending this from my email account...how clever!
The first photo is of the parcel I sent to Emilia yesterday with a little card from Grandma and the second photo is one that Ali sent me showing both girls' with their socks on!
I can't fault our post service really, I only posted the parcel to Millie at 4.15 yesterday! Oh an the parcel to my Colour Swap Pal was very reasonably priced too!
Don't they look lovely?!!

Oh and here's the mail that Millie sent me from her Mummy's email address

Hello Grandma,
We both love our socks, they are a perfect fit and don't itch at all!

I hope you like these photo's, Mummy will take a video of us when she has found her phone - dopey dipstick that she is!
(you sure Millie wrote this....?)

We love you lots

Emilia and Madeleine xxxx


loribird said...

So adorable!

Marianne said...

Such pretty happy Spring feet!

Beautifully knit, Marianne.

CG said...

They are brilliant!!

Carmi said...

They are quite simply the happiest socks I've ever seen. Amazing how something as simple as a pair of socks can be woven with so much meaning.

Jo said...

Gorgeous socks happy feet!!

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