Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Uk Swap, Topic of the Week #1: Knit-Years Resolutions

"With 2008 in full-swing, do you have any knit-years resolutions you are trying to keep to? Stash-busting? Knitting just for yourself? Gift-alongs or starting Christmas knitting early? Do your knit-years resolutions affect your other resolutions? Such as watching your spending, or putting yourself first, or even loosing weight (yarn weight....)?"

I haven't promised myself anything other than to lose a few pounds before our wedding in April, mind you, the butter on my toast sort of outweighed the benefits of drinking a slim-a-soup! I am trying not to buy too much more yarn but I really can't deny myself, you see, I have only recently been able to stock up my stash anyway! I have loads of sewing to do so that should stop me from buying yarn a bit!

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